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We have a number of different online programs that were made for you to help you achieve your goals.  Most of these can be viewed from the safety of your own home or from your phone or tablet/iPad.

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Personalized coaching on helping you to realized the dream of becoming an entrepreneur.  From years of being self-employed and starting multiple businesses I can help you make that decision to go from an employee to self-employed.

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Professional Keynote Speaking

As a professional keynote speaker I can tailor-make a speech for your company or network ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Topics can range from leadership, accepting change, or on communication.  We can help on other topics as well.

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Time Management – Do’s and Don’ts

I was recently watching a TED talk and the subject the lady covered was on time management. I feel this is something many of us […]

Galina Lipina – Turning Point – Passion Strategist and Coach

On today’s show we have another amazing woman who became financially free by the age of 33.   Her name is Galina Lipina.    Like […]

Korianne Mar – Property Master the Wealth – real estate investor

   Today we have Korianne Mar as our guest.  She is a real estate investor and owns hundreds of units among 30+real estate projects […]

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