Do you want to learn the real-life tools necessary for designing a phenomenal life or business?

Designing Your Own Destiny will teach you how in a step-by-step format. This book is a road map for designing success in anything and everything you want in your career or your personal life.

Filled with inspirational true stories, thought-provoking quotes from famous films, and exercises to motivate you to make the changes necessary in your life so your design for your destiny becomes a reality, Designing Your Own Destiny is the catalyst to jump start your future. 

• Discovering leadership lessons from your past 
• Learning effective communication so others will help you in your goals 
• Viewing the world from another’s eyes 
• Preparing for change by learning from your mistakes 
• Overcoming the obstacles in your path 
• Rewriting your history 
• Maintaining your peace of mind at all times 
• Achieving all your goals and creating even more

If you are ready to take that plunge down the rabbit hole and be guided along a path of awe and wisdom, then you have found the right book.

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One Can Learn So Much From Other People’s Experiences

It was such a pleasure writing this book for you to read. Being a person who grew up in the south, then received the chance to travel the world in the Navy, then doing stunt work for film and stage, leading into real estate investments, and then becoming quite active in personal growth. I have seen a lot over the years and from many people’s perspectives (including other cultures).

This book is truly inspirational and I feel you can learn a lot from those stories and experiences.

Kevin A. Dunlap

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