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Author – Professional Speaker – Teacher – Life Coach - Mentor

Kevin 01Kevin is known by many as the Transformational Life Coach.

He comes from a very diverse background.  Initially coming from a broken home at the age of 10 and growing up with his mother and two brothers (one older and one younger). 


He served in the US Navy for nearly 5 years while doing most of his service overseas.  He has visited 13 countries and has seen and lived amongst many cultures.  He received a degree in applied mathematics from University of West Florida in 1994 with a minor in psychology. He received honors in both psychology and mathematics.  He later went to graduate school seeking his master’s degree in physical meteorology at Florida State University.  While in graduate school his diverse interests led him to partake in working on film sets.  Initially as a production assistant and extra yet in later years to go into the world of stunts performance, stunt choreography and also fight coordinating for stage productions.  He has worked on plays ranging from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth to small local productions like Oklahoma!  In his film career he has worked on many different kinds of film from Civil War projects to cop vigilante films.  You can find him credited on IMDB (International Movie DataBase) website: as Kevin A. Dunlap (I) (as there is another guy with the same name that came along later.


Since graduate school he has been a computer programmer (for Y2K), college math teacher, beach bartender, real estate investor, and Realtor.  Soon later he noticed that many of his closest female friends were constantly seeking advice from him concerning their relationships with their current boyfriend or husband.  This is when he discovered that he enjoyed helping his female friends.  This is when he discovered he had a passion to helping people find and rediscover love in their lives. 


He is now bringing his life experiences, his passion for teaching, and his desire to help people into the world today.

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