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Paranormal Phil – Talk of the Night w/ Kevin A Dunlap

Paranormal Phil w/ Talk in the Night radio show interviews Kevin A Dunlap.

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Paranormal Phil with the radio show Talk in the Night interviewed Kevin A. Dunlap on the evening of Feb. 5, 2018.  The interview was initiated by Kevin’s book Designing Your Own Destiny: Embracing Change through Leadership and Love.

On this show Phil asks questions in regards to different passages and events in the book and a lot about Kevin’s coaching program for entrepreneurs.

We also covered the ins and outs of hosting a radio show / podcast.  Kevin is the host of his own podcast called Life’s Little Lessons which is available on his website at www.kevinadunlap.com and also on iTunes and Stitcher.

Kevin is also the owner of a business coaching company called Plentiful Perspectives.  And since he was young he always looked at any scenario from a wide range of possibilities.  One partial conversation from the show was about the paranormal and the differences of opinions between believers and skeptics.  If one can keep an open mind to different possibilities then one is open to growth and higher levels of enlightenment.  Thus, we need to accept other people’s views and treat other people with the utmost of respect and this will  allow them to return that favor to us.


Phil interviewed Kevin on many subjects including some of his blogs and other life history about him.

In particular Kevin talked about SMARTY goals versus the more traditional “smart” goals.  He also covered areas of time management.  One of the 8 Steps to Achieving Any Goal is another topic that was covered.  In summary it was mainly how to Reverse Engineer any goal.


Contact the Host and the Guest…

Check out Paranormal Phil’s other shows at Talk in the Night on Weebly.

You can contact Kevin for more information by going to his website at www.kevinadunlap.com and go to the Contact Us link.



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