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TJ Cuenca – The Superhero Foundry – Martial Arts Educator

TJ is the founder of Superhero Foundry. He trains kids to adults to become superheros.

Meet TJ Cuenca

I am thrilled to have this next guest on my show.  He is someone that I really looked up to when I first came to Vegas.  His presence and desire to help others is phenomenal.  His name is Dr. TJ Cuenca and he is the CEO and founder of the Superhero Foundry in Las Vegas, NV.  He teaches people in real costumes to learn martial arts and to develop their own confidence and to become an actual superhero.

About TJ and Superhero Foundry

He was originally educated and got his doctorate in dental medicine.  However, he and his wife Melody are operating the first real world superhero training center in the world.  He works with children as young as 8 years old to adults.

TJ Cuenca is also known by his stage name TJ Quicksilver (which is the name I originally knew him by).  He was known as a professional actor, stuntman and fight choreographer.  He even performed for Cirque du Soleil’s show KA in Las Vegas for three years.

Recently he has transitioned into more adults than children yet he still works with children to build their self-confidence while also learn self-defense techniques.

Both TJ and Melody are expert knife throwers and tomahawk throwers.  Together, they are the highest ranked competitive knife throwing couple in the world and had represented the United States in world competition in France, England, Italy, and Hungary.  Melody is eleven-time world knife throwing and tomahawk throwing champion and has two world records.

Their unique business model of a themed martial arts studio is a result of many years of observing trends in entertainment, family activities, and social media preferences all over the world.

They are the subject of two TV reality shows being filmed in 2018 and are riding the wave of rising interest in unique action sports.

They were also recently interviewed in The Thrillist.

Contact TJ

To learn more about them visit them online at www.superherofoundry.com.  They have presentations and training classes for all ages.

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