My Mission

“If you can’t fly, then run.
If you can’t run, then walk.
If you can’t walk, then crawl.
But by all means, keep moving.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kevin A. Dunlap is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author and keynote speaker. He is a business and personal life specialist.

He has an interview show called Life’s Little Lessons where he has interviewed other entrepreneurs from all over the world.  Each of them come from a different walk of life who each has a message to share.

His three books can be found on Amazon.

Kevin A Dunlap

The Dream

My ultimate dream is to see people who are happy with their lives.  Living their life as if they were on top of the world.  Too many of us allow outside influences to effect the way we live and feel.  

I feel everyone has a dream.  It can be as an entrepreneur, a person at a job, or in their interpersonal relationships at home.  When we learn to love ourselves and to find a support system who is there to help you succeed then we can achieve whatever you want in life.

Giving Back

Kevin believes whole-heatedly about giving back to people in need.  For every new client or new speaking opportunity he gives a portion for people seeking a microloan to help start and build a business all over the world through

Number of Countries Supported (72/77) 93.5%
Sectors Supported (13/15) 86.7%
Activities Supported (48/163) 29.4%

The Mission

Kevin feels that everyone deserves what they want in their life.  This is in all aspects from business, career, and interpersonal relationships.   He accomplishes this through his unique signature talks for either the corporate environment or the local specialty community. 

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