Guest Appearances

Health & Wellness Hour show with Abra MacGrath and Kevin Dunlap

Abra MacGrath interviews Kevin Dunlap the author of Designing Your Own Destiny.


Visit their website

I was lucky enough to be on this live radio broadcast and video broadcast for Christine Essex: Health and Wellness Hour.

We covered multiple topics many relating to the book Designing Your Own Destiny.  Topics covered were diverse and some were quite involved.  

Kevin A Dunlap is an Entrepreneur Strategist and has multiple programs available to you.

Since recording the show he has launched two online training programs and is working on a few others.

The first one which is by far the most popular is called How to Become a Self-Published Author and can be found at his website at under the Shop tab and Online Programs. 

His second program to date is  Attaining Any Goal which is a much shorter program but is designed to help you achieve any goal, large or small, in breaking it down initially into 8 specific steps. 




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