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Adriana Bautista – LLP Inc – International Tax Consultant

Meet Adriana Bautista

Today I have the chance to interview a woman who is currently operating a business that actively exists in two countries.  You talk about opening up another business in a different city or even a different state would be challenging.  Imagine doing this in a different country.  However that is exactly what Adriana Bautista did.

About Adriana

Adriana started a business primarily in Mexico City in 1999.  She was helping people with their local and national taxes.

Adriana Bautista has a company called LLP, Ind which operates both in Mexico and the US.

Her company is called LPP, Inc. and she is an International Tax Consultant.  She loves taxes and analyzing numbers so much she even get a PhD in it.

In 2007 she had the idea of coming to the US to open a company doing taxes here.  This idea just sat there as an idea for a few years.   She was already doing US taxes for Mexican citizens that had business also in the US.  Or it was for US citizens living in Mexico.

It wasn’t until 2010 after a friend had her come to the US and basically tricked her into starting to officially doing business here in order to show her she did have the confidence and ability to work here, too.

And Mexican tax laws can vary differently than it does in the US.

She is also the co-author of the Spanish version of the book Trophy Effect w/ Michael Nitti.

I think you will be intrigued by this woman’s story and the fact that she can do business in two different countries.

If you are on the fence on getting started then this woman’s story may help you with that vital push go get started now.

She also has a passion in becoming a motivational speaker to help Latin women of abuse to overcome those tragic moments.

Go ahead and take a listen.

Contact Adriana

You can find Adriana online at

Her website is available in both English and Spanish.

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