Allison Taylor – Breakthrough Seminars – Entrepreneur Coach
Allison Taylor is a coach and consultant for entrepreneurs. She has a company called Business Seminars out of Denver, CO. She has seen and helped many types of entrepreneurs start and gain momentum in their businesses and has helped them overcome many obstacles. Some of these include under pricing their products and services. She is the latest guest on Life's Little Lessons w/ Kevin A Dunlap

Allison Taylor – Breakthrough Seminars – Entrepreneur Coach

Meet Allison Taylor

On today’s show I have a woman who got her psychology degree from Vanderbilt.  She is now a coach and consultant for entrepreneurs.  Her name is Allison Taylor and she resides in Denver, CO.

What she does...

Allison started as a single mom of two boys.  She wanted to be a big part of their lives and so she figured out a way that she could run a business from home and still be able to take them to school and even see them perform in school plays.

She now has a company called Business Seminars where she helps entrepreneurs through many different training programs.

Allison has a passion about helping entrepreneurs.  One of the main things that we covered is how entrepreneurs often under price their products or services.   I have spoken with many people and that is one of their biggest obstacles when getting started.

One tip she talks about is the asking for a referral before they have actually used the product.  Wow, what a concept.

Listen to today’s show to learn more about how you can start or scale your own personal business.

Learn from her about what about your program can be referred by word of mouth to other people.  It is all about those referable items that represents you or your brand.  She is a Referral Marketing expert and has a lot to share with you today.

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