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Andrew Matthews – Prime Metta – Video Strategist

Meet Andrew Matthews

Today we have another great person who was born and raised in a different company but made it in the US.  He is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Then he came to the US to go to college but dropped out after only a couple of semesters to start his own business.  His name is Andrew Matthews.

What Andrew does...

Andrew formed a company called Metta Agency nearly 3 years ago which was developed initially from simply doing vlogs (video blogging).

Recently his company merged with Prime Motions to form a new company and they are now called Prime Metta.  This company was formed to give their customers a very unique and specific service.

This was a merger between a videography company and a digital marketing company.  They formed a company that is holistic in nature meaning that they will become part of your company which is a more organic and then they have a vested interest in their client’s company’s growth.

Contact Andrew...

You can find them at

His is a true entrepreneur at heart.

This company is a digital agency that helps build company’s brands online through video story telling.

Listen to today’s show to find out more about what they do.

You can contact Andrew directly by going to their website.  Or on Instagram at andrewmetta.

About the host...

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