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Anna Leonti – World Brand Company – Personal Branding Strategist

Meet Anna Leonti …

Today we have international traveller Anna Leonti on the show.  Anna is the co-founder of an international personal branding company called World Brand Company.

World Brand Company helps you build your own Personal Brand with the help of co-founder Anna Leonti

She helps to create strategies for successful and authentic Personal Brands.  Thereby, improving and enhancing their public image through self-presentation and their social media presence.

Anna has over 10 years of experience and deep industry knowledge of PR, marketing, journalism and psychology which helps her recognize the values and unique qualities of every person she works. She deeply respects the individuality of her clients and she selects the optimal tool to craft a powerful Personal Brand.

As Personal Brand Strategist I often see how too many people undervalue themselves and overvalue what they are not. To succeed, you need to know your real worth and efficiently present your best authentic self to your target market.” -- Anna Leonti

In This Episode You Will Learn …

The importance of having a personal brand, especially if you are a public official or someone who is frequently in the public eye.

What kind of impression are you producing to the public?

And just how important it is to be truly authentic in your personal branding.  Because creating a fake brand image will be very difficult to maintain it.


About Anna Leonti …

Anna Leonti holds a Journalism and Mass Communication degree, with concentrations in Media, Culture and Society from Fordham University (New York, USA) where she proudly received Dean’s Scholarship Award for her academic excellence.

She continued her professional experience working at United Nations Headquarters: UN TV and Multimedia and also at Population Fund - International Development Agency (UNFPA).

Before relocating to NYC and after graduating from the Academy of Management and Marketing, Anna established her own company in Russia, called Alta Vista, where she was consulting executives, top management and CEOs on business and cross-cultural communication.

Anna's "On Air" Experience...

In 2005 Anna was invited to the United States as the distinguished guest speaker of the month at the Board of Directors of International Business Group located in Kalamazoo, MI.

She has appeared on Russian National Television for the documentary concerning the current situation in Education and received the prestigious “Golden Fund of Russia Award” as a holder of educational grant in the festival “Ways of Hope.”

She was featured in various radio interviews in RUSA Radio (New York, USA), 2Capitales Radio (Paris, France).  In 2018, Anna also appeared on BernamaTV – a main national news agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a special guest on the prime time live talk show, ‘Bernama Today’.

In 2016, Anna travelled to Sri Lanka to raise awareness on the issues concerning religious conflicts in Muslim and Buddhist communities. She revisited Sri Lanka in 2018 to do charity work in education and she donated funds to Gurukanda School in Beruwala area, Sri Lanka to buy sports equipment for the students.

About World Brand Co.

In early 2018 Anna co-founded World Brand Company (WBC), a Personal Brand Agency, to help entrepreneurs, business owners, public figures, and professionals to be seen as popular experts in their field.  This allows her clients to become more influential, wealthy and satisfied with work.

WBC provides a variety of programs to consult individuals, groups, companies and large audiences on how to improve their public image and to create a powerful Personal Brand.  She offers consulting, speaking engagements and training sessions for personal and professional advancement. The goal of the company is to help each client with:

  • Personal Branding
  • Public Image Consulting
  • PR/Marketing/Promotion
  • Creating a Professional Online Presence
  • Effective Networking strategies
  • Individual coaching on Personal Branding, Career and Negotiation Strategy

Now, first impression is more and more often made online. This is where the importance of a strong Personal Brand comes into play. I help you to use the power of polished presence and create lasting effects and long-term benefits promoting your own unique value and mission.” -- Anna Leonti

Contact Anna …

Anna is based out of New York City, NY, USA

You can reach out to Anna by visiting her website at:

Or by email at:

Her social media platforms are:

Facebook: Anna Leonti

Instagram: annaleonti

Phone/Wazzup: +1 646-457-2979

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