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Annette Waters – MySckool – Speech Language Pathologist

38 - Annette Waters

Meet Annette Waters

There is another fascinating lady who I met at a recent workshop.  Her name is Annette Waters.  She is someone that has a couple of businesses going right now.  The one she will be speaking with us today on is her company MySckool where she is a Speech Language Pathologist.

About Annette …

Annette is a fascinating woman who was working for the school system before she decided to go off on her own as a speech pathologist for elementary kids.  She has worked with all kinds of children.  Some were shy, others had conditions like ADHD or even autism (which is her specialty).

She also has a meal preparation business in the Bay area.

However, her passion is people and children.  She believes we learn best in a natural environment.  This means she will come to you instead of you taking your child to a cold office somewhere.

She has been working on her own with MySckool for nearly 2.5 years.  She even has a client that started off with her while in the 4th grade that shy and he is now the captain of the football team as he is entering the 9th grade.  The student is no longer a client but he still stays in contact with her.

You will discover that most of her clients are local however some of her clients are from out of town.  Thus, if you feel your child may need some help you can reach out to her for advice on what to do next.

I am honored to have her on today’s show.

Contact Annette

You can reach out to her in a number of different ways.  First find her on her website at www.mysckool.org.

You can even contact her directly at lcs.mysckool@gmail.com

On Instagram it is https://www.instagram.com/lcs.mysckool/

And on Facebook you can find her at https://www.facebook.com/MySckool.org/

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