Are You a Prisoner in Your Own Cell

I was recently watching an episode of the undead (zombie) series The Walking Dead (from AMC) which was a backstory feature on the character Morgan Jones played by the actor Lennie James.  I saw this episode and it resonated within me about assumptions and learned behaviors based on data that can be quite untrue no matter how true it may be seeming in front of me.


If you are a fan and have not seen this episode from Season 6 Episode 4 then you may not want to read the rest of post.  However, for those avid fans or not I hope what I am going to say will resonate within you.


To give you a part of the plot on this episode the character Morgan is a mad at the world and everyone person who wakes up in a jail cell in another survivor’s home.  The jailer of Morgan lennie-james-morganwants to try to help him out and tries to show him to love life in all forms.  The jailer feeds him through the openings of the cell.  After what appears to be a few days go by Morgan asks about letting him.  The jailer says that the door isn’t locked and he had thrown away the key years before.  Thereby the captured inmate could come and go at his leisure.


This made me think of where in my life I think I am imprisoned in areas where there is actually no prison at all.  It may look like a prison yet the door is unlocked and I am free to leave whenever I want.  It is this assumption that just because there may be bars around me doesn’t necessarily mean I am a victim to what they may represent.  Where in my life have I just assumed there was no hope yet I never even attempted to open the door?


Where in your life do you feel like a prisoner only to find out that the prison you think that is around you is actually nothing more than a shut door?  Have you even tried to open the door to see what may be stopping you?  If the door is open then why do you stay imprisoned in your own thoughts?


My suggestion is that the next time you feel trapped or you feel like there is nothing else to do is to see if the door is even locked.  This could mean anything from your beliefs of what is going on around you or looking at your situation from a different angle.  It may surprise you that there is more what you may think that surrounds you.



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