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Your Past Mistakes are Often the Best Lessons in Life w/ Kevin Dunlap

Kevin A Dunlap is the latest guest on Become Your Greatest Possible Self w/ host Chris Burns

Become Your Greatest Possible Self

Chris Burns is the founder of Become Your Greatest Possible Self in his weekly 12 hour marathon.  Today he has Kevin A Dunlap as his guest on the show.

In This Episode …

Kevin A. Dunlap has been in front of small and large groups of people since the early 1990’s.

He started off his front of the room presence as a college math teacher which gave him the skills of teaching material while also making the topic interesting.

Since then he has been trained as a professional keynote speaker and has been on many stages.

Kevin owns and operates a company called Plentiful Perspectives which is a training company helping people build better businesses and enhance their own interpersonal relationships. He is now working diligently in helping women and men find themselves and then to allow them to be open to finding the right person to share an authentic life with their ideal mate.

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Contact Kevin

You can also get your very own Strategy Session by texting "consult" to 40691.

You can also find him online at

Designing Your Own Destiny: Embracing Change through Leadership and Love by Kevin A Dunlap

Kevin is the author of the book Designing Your Own Destiny which is found on Amazon and Kindle

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