This is Season 1 of Life’s Little Lessons Show podcast.  The host of the show is Kevin A Dunlap who is also the author of the book Designing Your Own Destiny.  In his book he covers a number of topics including areas of your life or business where you can make self discoveries and improve upon them.

This season was all about personal development and personal growth.  Many of the elements covered in this season were also covered in his book that came out in Oct. 2016.  Designing Your Own Destiny is a road map to get to where you want to be in life.

This series of recordings were informational based and can stand on their own without the need to listen to them in any particular order.


Ep18 – Becoming Creative in a Pinch

Performing under pressure The other day I had to become creative in a pinch when I was told that I would be giving a talk in two days.  The topic I had put together was one of the three areas this organization frowns on when giving talks. My talk was…

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Ep17 – You Are Worthy
Rear view of a business man giving a speech at a seminar

Ep17 – You Are Worthy

You are worthy In today's show we are going to talk about that you are worthy.  Thus, we will be talking about self value especially when it comes to creating a new program that you could sell in the near future.  Listen to get some great tidbits on what you…

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Ep16 – Writing and Sharing Goals

Writing & Sharing Goals Take a listen to today's topic covering two additional aspects of achieving your goal.  In this episode we discuss the importance of writing and sharing goals. We will cover those two aspects in this podcast.  Go ahead and listen now. Free Report Download a copy of…

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Ep14 – Goal Setting 5 of 6 – Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering As we continue with the Achieving Your Goals training series this step becomes one of the most crucial steps in the process. In this step we will go into detail on the process known as Reverse Engineering. In this show we show how that works in accomplishing your…

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Ep12 – Goal Setting 3 of 6 – The 4 Human Natures

The Four Human Natures There are essentially 4 Natures of self or of being a human.  In this production we are going to cover all 4 of these from two completely different perspectives.  One will be from a perspective that was first introduced to me while taking a personal growth…

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Ep10 – Goal Setting 1 of 6 – Knowing Your Point A
woman drawing a line from point A to point B (selective focus)

Ep10 – Goal Setting 1 of 6 – Knowing Your Point A

It has been very interesting to see how many people, including myself, will set goals or resolutions in their lives and they almost never accomplish them.  They may write those goals down or even create a dream board yet they never accomplish that goal. Well, I have discovered there are…

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Ep09 – Introduction to our Video Broadcasts

Start Play We are expanding at Plentiful Perspectives to begin to create video training series.  These will be introduced in different modules.  These modules are being video recorded and then converted to audio so that our podcast listeners can also tune in. You will be able to see the video…

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Ep08 – Free Writing

Start Play Have you ever wanted a tool to answer the deepest and truest questions about yourself?  Or have you ever wondered which road to take when you come up to a cross roads in life?  Maybe you want to make a change and don't know if that is the…

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Ep07 – Take Control of Your Environment

Start Play Fortunately over the past year or so I have developed a great relationship with two accountability partners. They have been greatly helpful in holding me to my word as I am building my new online business, writing my book Designing Your Own Destiny, and getting my podcast, Life’s…

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Ep06 – The 3 Lists

Start Play Once upon a time I had the fortunate opportunity to have a talk with the late Paul Skok.  One of he things he shared with me (and a few others in our little circle of people) was this concept of the 3 Lists. This 3 List was in reference…

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Ep04 – Tolerance

Start Play Today we will cover the 3 ways how we as humans react to unfavorable behaviors of a loved one.  Two are healthy while the third, and the most popular reaction, is extremely unhealthy.  Find out what those ways are in today's show.

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