Season 2 of Life’s Little Lessons Show podcast is designed for the entrepreneur. You may be just starting out or looking for a way to scale your business.  This show will be for you.

This season will be interviews with other entrepreneurs at many different levels of running a business. Some will be very seasoned while others may only have started a couple of months ago.  Some have even created and sold a previous business.

Regardless, this show is created to help empower you to get started by hearing their success, their challenges, their setbacks as well as what they do. Maybe even you will relate to one of them to help build your business.

Anna Leonti – World Brand Company – Personal Branding Strategist

Meet Anna Leonti … Today we have international traveller Anna Leonti on the show.  Anna is the co-founder of an international personal branding company called World Brand Company. She helps to create strategies for successful and authentic Personal Brands.  Thereby, improving and enhancing their public image through self-presentation and their…

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