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Christina Aldan – LG Designs – Digital Advertising Consultant

Meet Christina Aldan

Christina Aldan is the owner and operator of LG DesignsI am excited to have Christina Aldan on our show today.  She is the owner of LG Designs and is a Digital Advertising Consultant.  Some of you may also know her as TEDx speaker.


More about Christina …

She actually gave a talk at TEDx FremontEastWomen event in June 2015.  Here is a link to her talk.

Christina is a speaker on other stages, a trainer, and a consultant.  She is also has a podcast called LuckyGirl: A Bite-Sized Podcast.  This is a 20 minutes show and can be found on iTunes and her website  I was happy to be on her show as Episode 79.

She a degree in ecology yet she never fathomed what pathways her life would lead years ahead.  Now she has grown to developing websites and offers business brand consulting and graphic design.  She has over ten years of experience in the digital advertising arena.

She has been getting a lot more calls these days on emotional intelligence, communication, and entrepreneurship.

Christina works both with entrepreneurs and also with larger companies.  She has even spoken at VIP events with Microsoft.

She shares the importance of emotional intelligence on both the individual level and the team level.

You will be overjoyed with the lessons you will learn from today’s show.  So sit right down and let’s get the show started.

Contact Christina Aldan…

You can reach Christina by visiting her website at:

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