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Jenn Lucas from Sydney, Australia - Dancer, Fitness Lady, and aspiring psychologist

Jenn Lucas


“Kevin Dunlap has created a simple process, with great examples and analogies, to powerfully change my life. I can use – and I have – the learnings immediately to make positive changes. It is great that I can apply them in my personal and professional life.”

Kevin A Dunlap

Coach & Mentor

What You’ll Get During This Clarity of Business Purpose Free Strategy Call

Do you know the real definition of an entrepreneur?  If you boil it down to it core form you will discover that “an entrepreneur is a person who solves a problem for someone else … for a profit“.  

Are you considering starting a new business but not quite sure how to get started?  

Or do you have a small business but you haven’t hit 5-figures yet?  

The main reason any small business is still operating under 5-figures can only mean you are not yet crystal clear on what it is that you are providing to your potential ideal clients.

On your complementary 45-minute Business Clarity Call we will help you to become clear on your business and discover who is your Ideal Customer.  When you know what you do and who you serve then you can start to build a scalable business and hit the first level of success … earning at least 5-figures!

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What You’ll Do Before the Call

Come up with 2 to 3 business ideas that you have some passion with.  Then research your local market to see who else is doing something similar.

What Happens During the Call

You will uncover your motivation key characteristics.  Then you can utilize those to keep you motivated while you are building your business.  You will also discover the needs you have in order to start on this new endeavor, and if it is worth the sacrifices.

What Changes After the Call

You will have the tools needed to start building a plan to Design and Develop your new business.

About Kevin A Dunlap

Kevin has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years.  He has the belief that you will always do better as an entrepreneur than you ever will by working a regular job.  

He is the author of four books with the release of his newest book, Launch! The A to Z in Creating a Successful Business, just becoming available in August 2021!

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Many new entrepreneurs are stuck spinning their wheels without a clear understanding as to what is needed in order to start and scale a business.  They tend to guess and fail a lot.  Without a clear understanding of what is needed they will continue to stay in the same rut.  Today, this can all end.  With our free complementary call you can begin to create your Priority Plan to get you started on the path of your own prosperity.

Diane Forster - I Have Today

Diane Foster

Founder: I Have Today

“Kevin takes his clients on a path to self-discovery enabling them to find their true destiny. His exercises are fun, easy to follow, and thought provoking. His humor lightens the weight and the way. Everyone who has ever felt challenged…personally, professionally, or both…will benefit greatly by taking this journey.”

39 - Noa Schecter

Noa Schecter

Co-Founder: The Accelerated Leadership Academy

“I like Kevin’s approach to the growing industry of entrepreneurship, leadership, and how Kevin put his own spin on how we can grow (personally and professionally).  He explains the differences between the mindset of an individual who is involved in the corporate world is not the same as being a true entrepreneur on your own.”

Svetlana Newsome

Founder: The Light Freedom

“’Kevin takes his clients on the journey of the possibility of a great life that every person can have if he chooses to think and feel differently about past experiences. … He makes the process fun and exciting.“

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