Kevin has been engaging people and advising people since he was in grade school.  As always being the person who people turned to with their deepest challenges he has passionately assisted people in discovering solutions to those challenges.  Being actively involved with a few professional personal growth industries has also opened his eyes to numerous other solutions.  Ideally looking at things from a number of different viewpoints.  Hence, the name of his company Plentiful Perspectives.

What you have available to you is a passionate, caring person who sincerely wants people to have better lives.  This can be in the form of your current relationship, your career, or any other facet of your life.  Kevin boldly wants you to live and design your own true destiny. 

He combines both life experiences and teachings from books and personal growth classes in order to help people discover new paths and new ideas.  Once you begin to realize that you don't run your life, it is your ingrained "programs" that run you and your life.  Becoming aware of these programs can allow you to make different choices.  More supportive choices.  

And then you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Success to everyone in their life's dream.


What People Are Saying


In Designing Your Own Destiny Kevin takes his readers on the journey of the possibility of a great life that every person can have if he chooses to think and feel differently about past experiences. The book is filled with success stories of ordinary people who designed a new destiny for themselves by applying principles that Kevin shares in his book. Exercises in the book make the process of design fun and exciting. It is a must read for anyone who is ready for extraordinary life filled with excitement, joy, and success.“

Svetlana - Founder of The Light Freedom, Metaphysician, Author, Leader


 “Kevin has changed me and my family forever.  Now I know I can take a bigger leadership role.”

Ping Nip - Author: Behind the Door


Kevin takes his readers on a path to self-discovery enabling them to find their true destiny.  His exercises are fun, easy to follow, and thought provoking.  His humor lightens the weight and the way.  Everyone who has ever felt challenged...personally, professionally, or both...will benefit greatly by taking this journey."

Diane Forster - Founder of I Have Today Productions, CEO of Diane Forster Innovation, Author, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Inventor, Designer, Entrepreneur, Visionary

Coaching is the Key to obtaining what you want in life

I personally believe that whatever you may want in your life that you don’t already have then you may need a coach to help you get there. All professionals have a coach. This can be a acting coach, a golf coach, a football coach. All professional athletes have a coach to help them keep them on their game.

Then why in life do we think we can do everything on our own. If you are struggling you should hire a coach.

I have coaches and mentors myself.

Private Coaching

In Private Coaching we will be personally involved in helping you achieve that greatness that you desire in either business or your personal lives.  Many times it will be both since they are so tightly integrated.  Even though Kevin is an Entrepreneur Strategist, he has helped many people create a more fulfilled personal life.

In private coaching we will have two sessions per month consisting of approximately one hour each session where he will help you discover your passions and then to create a game plan to achieve what it is that you want.

Sessions are purchased in quarterly (3 month) segments and can be renewed for as long as you need.

A complementary Strategy Session will be included to determine where you are in your process and to discover if we are a true match for each other.  If we both decide this is a match then we will book the schedule for the six sessions.

Sessions are preferred to be online (Skype or Zoom) calls but, can be via phone depending on connections and schedules.  I will be giving homework assignments and book readings during many of the sessions.

Space is limited.  Contact us below and Kevin will contact you back to schedule your initial Strategy Session or go ahead and order today.

Strategy Session

Do you want to test the waters before getting started?  Try our 30 minutes getting to know you Strategy Session.

In this session we will review where you are now and where it is that you are wanting to go.  And we will discover if we are both a match for each other.

Contact us to schedule an appointment.  Let me know where it is that you are now and what is the outcome you want to achieve in the next few months.

For a free quote on how to schedule a coaching session contact us today.