Communication and YOU interviews Kevin A Dunlap

Communication and YOU interviews Kevin A Dunlap

The Interview...

Lance Beste from his show Communication and YOU takes the time out of his very busy day to interview a man from a different hemisphere and country.   Today Lance who resides in Auckland, New Zealand takes the time to interview Kevin A Dunlap from Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Kevin talks about his new and upcoming book The Winner's Code: Secrets of the Winner's Mindset.   In this episode, we do talk about the different mindsets and how they can show up in our lives and in the lives of others.

Lance asks Kevin all kinds of other questions ranging in personal topics as well as a random question portion where Kevin must pick a number between 1 and 65 and then answer a very random question.

This was fun and exciting for both parties.

Check it out below.

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Kevin Dunlap

Kevin A Dunlap is a business coach specializing with helping new entrepreneurs start or grow their businesses. He is the author of the book Designing Your Own Destiny and the new book coming out shortly called The Winner's Code: Secrets of the Winner's Mindset. Kevin is also the producer of the podcast Life's Little Lessons where he interviews other entrepreneurs from all over the world. He is a professional speaker and trainer. He has been known to talk at multiple entrepreneurial functions. He currently resides in Las Vegas, NV.

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  1. Thank you Kevin. I really enjoyed meeting with you. You certainly have some great ideas and can articulate them very succinctly. I particularly like the topic and your ideas included in your upcoming third book. It should go well.

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