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Ep18 – Becoming Creative in a Pinch

The other day I was told that I would be giving a talk in two days.  The topic I had put together was one of the three areas this organization frowns on when giving talks.  My talk was pretty unique but would fall under the Goal Setting arena.  The three areas I was told this organization didn’t want to hear from were Goal Setting, Motivation, or Leadership as too many times they have had people talk on those topics.

Thus, I had one full day to come up with a 6 step plan (as that was the title of my talk) but for a completely different topic.  Not only that I was told that they like handouts.  And the talk was early in the morning the day after.  Only one full day to come up with a 20 minute talk, create a handout, and had to be a 6 step process.  And had to be new and unique to a room full of business owners.

What would you do in that situation?  Listen in to hear about my results.

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