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Erin Vazquez – Erin Vazquez Success Coach – Success Coach

Meet Erin Vazquez

Today I am interviewing a woman who at the time of this recording is fairly new to being a coach and an entrepreneur.  And for those of who are just starting this is an excellent person to gain a few lessons from.  Her name is Erin Vazquez and the name of her company is Erin Vazquez Success Coaching.

About Erin...

Erin Vazquez life coaching

She is a master certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer and Hypnotist.  Her specialty is in the area of Time Line Regression.  This is a technique in how you redefine your past experiences and allow them to support you rather than hinder you.

She received her Practitioner certification in NLP from the Tad James Company in March 2017.  After that as she said she was running around like a Tasmanian Devil.  By July 2017 she earned her Master’s certification in NLP which gave her a lot more focus and tools to help others.

Starting then she began to take on clients and has helped many people make great strides in their lives.  She even was able to help one woman who was suffering from agoraphobia (the fear of going outside) to not only go outside but to actually start displaying her artwork for others to see and purchase.

Erin has been doing all of this and she is barely 8 months after getting her first certification and 4 months after her second one.

She even learned how to help herself with things from her past.

You will learn a lot from this woman in today’s show.  So go ahead and push play to get even more juicy details.

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