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Galina Lipina – Turning Point – Passion Strategist and Coach

Meet Galina Lipina

On today’s show we have another amazing woman who became financially free by the age of 33.  Her name is Galina Lipina.  She is the founder of her company Turning Point where she is a passion strategist.  This means she helps you find your passion in life and then to create a business that includes that passion.

About Galina ...

Like most people, Galina grew up learning that the secret to success was to do well in school, get an education and get a good job. Following this ideal, she got Masters in computer science, moved to the US from Russia, and began to work as 6-figure IT project management consultant for 10 years!

Her skills, dedication, and drive got her thinking differently than most and by the ripe old age of 31 she set out a decision to retire financially. She was able to accomplish that in just 2 years.

By the age of 33, she became financially free with a six-figure passive income.

Currently, If Galina is not dancing up a storm teaching kizomba, she’s investing in properties and is helping high-performing professionals (like she used to be) to transition to a career, build a business, or create life path they love…

Everyone has a turning point in their life and Galina has made it her mission to help people navigate that turning point.  Thus, they can build a life they’ve always dreamed to have!

Contact Galina

You can find her online at And check out “101 Turning Point Assessment” to help you create a smooth and effective transition through your turning point to the next level.

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