Giving Back

“Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others.” 

~ Booker T. Washington

Helping Other Entrepreneurs

Kevin is committed to helping other people to achieve more.  For every paid speaking engagement, workshop, or new coaching client he donates some of the proceeds to a cause that helps other people across the world to achieve their dreams in business.  This can be loans to help a farmer buy a new cow or to help a clothing company buy new fabrics.

Kiva is an organization about raising money in small micro-loan increments of $25 from people who want to help others start or grow their business.  These small micro-loans allows a business to expand and thereby help not only the business owner but also the community in general.  

Once a loan is paid back then the money can be relent to another person.  This continues on and on and on.  

With each new client Kevin creates a brand new loan to an individual or small business. You can start your own account and team or simply join ours.  Currently we have funded over 40 businesses!

A person helping a woman out of a stream.

Why I Give Back

The reason we like to give to others is because we believe that the world can come from abundance, not scarcity.  By showing that the world is overflowing with goodness and love then we can make this world a better place.

To quote one of my mentors and the founder of PSI Seminars, Thomas Wilhite, “Change the world one mind at a time.”

By helping that one person scale or start their business does a lot more than just help that one business owner, it helps their entire community.  By them being able to provide additional services allows more people to be affected and thereby has a domino effect on everyone around him or her

The reason I give back is that I want to see that change in that one person’s business.  When he or she is able to pay back their loan then that same $25 can be give to another person and this slowly builds and builds.  Over time this can be billions of dollars raised to help others.

Giving Back

You can also be of the movement to be an international contributor to someone else’s dream.  Create your own account at or join our team to make a difference.

Loans Given
Countries Supported
Amount Lent
$ 1000
A woman's store in Africa