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Hugs & Connectedness

Today I attended my second hugging workshop.  Before everyone goes why would there be a workshop on hugging, there is some very good merit to this.

To start off I am a very touchy feely kind of guy.  In The 5 Love Languages (by Gary Chapman) physical touch is my primary language of feeling loved.  In the community I frequently surround myself with hugs are a frequent way of showing appreciation to another human being.  It does not matter the gender of either person, just so as long as both parties are being genuine.

Here are some of the items we covered.  See if any of these may resonate with you.

The next time you hug someone stay embraced for at least 20 – 30 seconds.  You may notice your breath and even possibly your heartbeats will sync together.  Going for a full minute or even longer in a hug you may also notice that both of you may start swaying a little.  Not dancing, mind you but swaying without any stepping.

Another way to really connect with someone is doing what is called a “heart to heart” hug.  For some reasons most Americans (and probably so in other cultures) we tend to go our left when embracing someone.  Try going to the right the next time.  Your actual hearts will be very close to each other.  And going for that extended hug is amazing.

One thing I know I like is what could be called a “balanced hug”.  That is when you hug on your left side followed by a second hug on the right (heart to heart style).

Two neuro-chemicals are released when the body is feeling loved.  These are Oxytocin and Dopamine.  Thus, after a great hug you may feel elated.  After a few intense hugs may raise it to a level of just euphoria.

Whatever you may think of a hug workshop, it does work.  And worse case scenario you get a few extra warm hugs from another nice set of people.

Until later.

Much love to everyone,

Kevin A Dunlap

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Kevin Dunlap

Kevin A Dunlap is a business and life coach specializing in helping people discover their desires and to help them build a game plan in taking the next steps in their life. He is the author of the books Designing Your Own Destiny and The Winner's Code: Secrets of the Winner's Mindset.

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