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Introduction to the 8 Mindsets

The 8 Mindsets

As my new book The Winner’s Code: Secrets of the Winner’s Mindset is about to be launched I wanted to give all of you a taste as to what I am talking about when I talk about the 8 mindsets.

These mindsets will be covered in the three main areas of our lives.  First is with our relationships with the people we choose to share our lives with.  Then there are the coworkers and other people in the workplace.  Lastly, is the mindset of the entrepreneur.

You can have a different mindset depending on your surroundings as well as what those people mean to you in general.

Let’s cover them briefly…

EMS – Egotistical Mindset

This mindset is defined as the person who only focuses on their own outcome.  This person does not care much if the other side wins or loses.  Their only outcome is how they can win.

In the EMS style, the person is primarily looking at how they will win.  Everything is about them.  If the other person wins, then that is great.  If they don’t, then “oh well”.

I would say that people who are focused on winning are at least halfway to having the ultimate, which is the Winner’s Mindset.  They only need a little course correction in their focus and attitude.

People of this mindset are also justifiers.  They will always justify their situation to make them look like either a victim or to be right because of some other cause.  The EMS person cannot be wrong.

The EMS person may be driven to succeed which is not a bad thing.  Going after goals is part of what we will be discussing in this book.  That is a very good thing.

Their Style

This mindset can typically be categorized as “Win / Lose” or “Win / don’t care”.  Sometimes it is a “Win/Win” but that is not the focus of this person’s typical mindset.  If the latter happens that is more by coincidence than by design.


TMS – Taker’s Mindset

The person with this mindset is very similar to an EMS person but to a much more extreme level.

This person doesn’t care whatsoever about other people involved.  They are only focused on their own outcome, even if it is at the cost of others.

The Taker Mindset is the one of taking people for granted or even stealing and running people’s lives.

They are only concerned with their own victory even at the expense of someone else.  They feel the end will always justify the means.

The mindset of a TMS is from selfishness, greed, and a poor personality.

They are also justifiers, just like their EMS counterpart.  They justify that they are right and that they have a strong sense that society owes them.  This applies to anything that enters their conscious mind.

Many times a TMS person will react when angered.  They may lash out when people call them out. They may convert into the following mindset, the RMS.  When the hostility lessens they will convert back into a Taker’s Mindset.

Their Style

This mindset characteristic is seen as a “Win / Lose” or “Win / don’t care”.  They are only concerned about themselves winning.


RMS – Revenger Mindset

Another mindset based on the EMS is this one, the Revenger Mindset.

This is the mindset of someone who is out to hurt someone else, even if it is at their own detriment.  They typically don’t care about any of the long-term ramifications.  They are only here in the now.  Often the person exhibiting this is in a high emotional state and usually they are in a state of anger.

A person in this mindset for a long period of time will be coming from a spiteful mindset style.  An RMS person will attack to get even or to feel justified.  They may plot elaborate plans at getting back at someone.

The word “forgiveness” never enters their conscious thoughts.  This person is only about making someone else suffer something similar to what they perceive as personally suffered or lost.  They are thinking only short-term gratification and revenge.

If this person is going down they are determined to take you or someone else down with them.

Their Style

This style can be seen as the ultimate “Lose / Lose”.  Many times they think it a win for them, but this is rarely the case if the big picture is taken into consideration.


PMS – Pretender Mindset

This mindset is also similar to the EMS.  It is because they are also mainly focused on self.

However, there is a critical difference with this mindset style.  The PMS style is the person who will help others to win, but only to a point and only if it is to their own benefit.  Once the other person’s usefulness no longer applies then they stop helping.  They are faking or pretending their way through.

This often happens when someone has a similar goal as someone else and then once the person’s goal is met or starts to go a different route then they are no longer engaged.  They are not in for the long haul.  This can be seen as similar to EMS, who is also focused on self, but this mindset style has conscious awareness in how they are helping the other person out and how it benefits themselves.

Sometimes you will see this as a con man, a manipulator, or a player.  They pretend to be there but are really only there for their own selfish reasons.

The main thing to be aware concerning this mindset is the intention of the person exhibiting this mindset.  That is the main difference between EMS and PMS.  An Egotistical Mindset person is about self.  The PMS is also about self but through conscious manipulation of others.

Their Style

The mindset style of this is shown as “Win / Win for now”.


MMS – Martyr Mindset

This mindset is seen quite often in the world.  This is a form of a victim mindset without being a full drawn victim, which is covered next.

This is the one where this person will put other people’s needs over their own needs.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with this.  However, when you are constantly putting other people’s wants and needs before any of your own then this can become a problem.

In the MMS these people are constantly sacrificing time, money, and even self-love for the sake of other people.  These people have a hard time saying “no” to anyone and will frequently take on other’s peoples tasks, often to their own detriment.

Often times these people burn out or feel hollow inside.  They feel like they are the sacrificial lamb.  Often, the MMS feels unworthy or even downright rejected.  They attempt to make this up by doing things for others so they feel worthy and this frequently goes unappreciated.

If you feel you have the MMS then an attitude adjustment, ever so slight, can help get you into the Winner’s Mindset.

Their Style

This style is typically seen as the “Lose / Win” scenario.  You will set yourself to lose so others have a better chance to win.

There is another type of the MMS, though.  They could be brave and strong.  They even could be the leader.  This type of MMS is the one who will take the big sacrifice for the team.  This is the person who will jump on a live grenade to save the lives of the team.  Sometimes this person could be the savior the team thoroughly needs.  However, if this becomes the normal way of doing things, then this person could be considered as someone who craves attention no matter what kind that it is.

They will see themselves as creating a “Win / Win” which it is, in the short-term.  A Winner’s Mindset is about the good for the all.  However, when the person continually takes it for the team then people will lose respect for this person and overall it can create the exact opposite effect and make it a “Lose / Lose” for all.


VMS – Victim Mindset

The next mindset is taking the Martyr Mindset to an extreme level.  Much like the TMS is an extreme form of EMS.  The VMS is an extreme form of MMS.

The Victim Mindset is one very dangerous mindset to have.  This is the one where they see the world is against them.  That no matter what they do only the bad things happen to them.  They will always find fault in the best laid plans.  These people only focus on the negative and what is wrong with things.

They normally don’t see too much on the good side of things.  Their main focus is on what is wrong.  Many people fall into this mindset.

Focusing on the Negative

I once read on a quote that if 19 great things happen to you during the day and 1 negative thing happens what do you talk about when you go home?  Many people will focus on the 1 instead of the 19.

The person who stays in this mindset for any extended period of time will attract a lot more negativity to them.  Going by the old adage “like attracts like” they will mainly attract other problems and issues.

This can be contributed to the Law of Attraction.  Second, even if good things do happen they are only focused on the faults and not really pay attention too much on the good.

These are the people who usually make a lot of excuses or complains a lot.  They feel that the world is against them.

Characteristics of this is the person who is always gossiping about other people.  Or they are the constant complainer.  Many times they feel they are doing the right thing by pointing out these faults in others or other things but they usually are just wasting a lot of time and breath.  Not only their own but also any unlucky bystander.

Their Style

This mindset is characterized by “Lose / Lose”.


DMS – Drifter Mindset

Much of the population suffers from this mindset style.  Everyone who goes into any form of autopilot flies right into this mindset pattern.  It is okay, at times, to be here.  You need to be aware and when this happens so you know to get out of this mindset style when it is not suiting your needs.

In the DMS people are just drifting through life.  They have no real goals or aspirations and may even be emotionally numb.  These people are on cruise control with no destination in sight or mind.  They are just drifting through life.

By going on a day to day routine with no real aspirations is like living a life of a zombie.  They live day by day just droning on.  They are living zombies.  No real passion.  No real aspirations.

If you saw them one year ago today they are just about at the same level in their relationships or most any other aspect of their lives.  They are doing the same mundane job at work.  These people have not reached or discovered any real goal in life.  They probably haven’t even thought about setting goals for a very long time.

Their Style

In this style, there is no Win or Lose as those items don’t exist.  The characteristic of a DMS style is a “___ / ___”.  Nothing to fill in those blanks.

A Drifter Mindset is exactly like that.  They are just drifting from one day to another will no drive or ambition.

Without a goal at work, in business, or at home in their relationships they are truly just on autopilot drifting through their days.


WMS – Winner’s Mindset

Ah, the illustrious mindset of the winner.  This is the one that we all should be aspiring to achieve.  It is the one and only way of having the true characteristic of “Win / Win”.

With the WMS this is the only mindset you should be spending most, if not all, of your time.  It is set up for both or all parties involved to achieve a favorable outcome.  This is the symbiosis of a match made in heaven.

The Winner’s Mindset is about helping others to achieve their goals while at the same time achieving your own goals.

The WMS is all about synergy.  It is about building society and yourself at the same time.  It is not about sacrificing yourself for the betterment of others.  That is the Martyr Mindset.  It is not about getting what you want at the cost of others.  Those would fall into the Taker, Egocentric, Revenger, and Pretender Mindsets.  It is definitely about getting a clear focus and to escape from the Drifter Mindset.

Their Style

By coming from a synergistic state of being means we are all looking out for the betterment of others as well as for self.  It is a collective whole.  A style that means we as a whole are much bigger and broader than the individual pieces.

It is all about creating that win / win situation.  How can you help each other win?



There you have it.  All 8 mindsets explained.

As you may see some of the mindsets do overlap a little.  Some are more extreme versions of others.  Like the EMS and PMS are very close with the exception that the PMS person is being deliberately deceptive while the EMS is mainly just focused on self.


The Book

You can get your own copy of The Winner’s Code: Secrets of the Winner’s Mindset by going to our shopping cart here and pre-order a copy of your own.

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Kevin Dunlap

Kevin A Dunlap is a business and life coach specializing in helping people discover their desires and to help them build a game plan in taking the next steps in their life. He is the author of the books Designing Your Own Destiny and The Winner's Code: Secrets of the Winner's Mindset.

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