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It’s Okay to be Loved

What About Love?

The title may seem a bit misleading yet it is a big lesson I learned last night while talking to one of my dearest friends about the need to be loved.

This is a friend of mine who has become a buddy, a confidant, and a true friend.  She has been, like many of us who are single, discouraged with someone whom she is interested.

After hearing her talk about a recent person in her life that she is involved there came a point in our conversation that she questioned if this new beau loved her or not.

Previous conversations over the past several months did show he cared for her.  This was through several actions on his part.  It boiled down to one thing.

And I am also guilty of this too.

To Be Loved

That was revealed when I said to her “Its okay for someone to love you.”  Now this may seem obvious and a rather trivial of a statement.  But, really think about it.

When have you cared for someone so much and you knew mentally that they cared for you, but you in your heart didn’t feel it?  You were actually pushing that person away for whatever reason.

When I said that to her last night I felt it too.  When have I rejected love from someone I cared about?

Therefore in this little lesson be okay with a situation the way it is.  Be okay with allowing someone to love you in the way that they express it.  Don’t question their love.  Don’t keep having to get proof that they love you.  Just accept and “be”.  Be receptive of their love for you.  Allow this to flow through you.

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You can also join me today’s Life Little Lesson is to just allow someone you care about to love you the way you love them.  And it is okay to be loved.

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