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Judi Moreo – Turning Point International – Creativity Coach

Meet Judi Moreo

I just met Judi Moreo at a local National Speaker’s Association (NSA) meeting back in January 2018. And I asked her about being on my show and she graciously accepted.  I learned so much about her on this call.  And what a wonderful and interesting woman!

The name of her company is called Turning Point International.  She describes herself as a Creativity Coach.

About Judi…

Where to get started with her is very difficult because she has done so much.  Let’s start off by something she shared toward the end of the show.  She had put years ago 21 things on her bucket list.  Just recently she crossed off number 21, which was to take a balloon ride over the Serengeti.

Let’s start by saying she had a previous business that she started in 1970.  She sold that one and had a second business she created, scaled, and also sold.

Then later on she started her most recent career back in 1992 where she was a keynote speaker.  This led her into creating some training programs.  Which led into corporate training on bigger companies.  Now she works directly with companies like Las Vegas casinos which are paid gigs that can last over a year.

Her company is not only housed in Las Vegas, NV she and her partner also are in Johannesburg, South Africa.  That is right.  She is in two different cities, two different countries, two different continents, and two different hemispheres.  Wow!  Talk about working outside the box!

Judi is a trainer and development creator that teaches people and teams (up to 30 at a time) on leadership, customer service, communication, negotiations and so much more.

She is also an 11 time published and self-published author.

And she has a free online magazine called Choices which can be found at:

She does offer personal one-on-one coaching but only takes on 10 clients a year.  Space is very limited.

Contact Judi

Judi can be found on all social media platforms by using her name, Judi Moreo.

Her website is

She also has her blog on her website and a magazine called Choices.

Judi Moreo is a Creativity Coach and the author of 11+ books

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Kevin A. Dunlap is an Entrepreneur Coach and Strategist.  He has helped many people over the years figure out what they want in life and create a game plan to accomplish those goals.

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Kevin Dunlap

Kevin A Dunlap is a business and life coach specializing in helping people discover their desires and to help them build a game plan in taking the next steps in their life. He is the author of the books Designing Your Own Destiny and The Winner's Code: Secrets of the Winner's Mindset.

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