Judi Moreo is a Creativity Coach and the author of 11+ books

Judi Moreo is world traveler and speaker on many stages. She is also a coach known as a Creativity Coach. The name of her company is called Turning Point International.

She is both a published and a self-published author.

She had a previous business that she started in 1970. She sold that one and had a second business she created, scaled, and also sold.

Then later on she started her most recent career back in 1992 where she was a keynote speaker. This led her into creating some training programs. Which led into corporate training on bigger companies. Now she works directly with companies like Las Vegas casinos which are paid gigs that can last over a year.

Her company is not only housed in Las Vegas, NV she and her partner also are in Johannesburg, South Africa. That is right. She is in two different cities, two different countries, two different continents, and two different hemispheres.

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