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Junita Thakorlal – Thakorine Consulting – marketing strategist

Meet Junita Thakorlal

Our special guest today is Junita Thakorlal who comes all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

About Junita

Junita has had many different skills and trades beneath her belt.  She has been an interviewer on a local South Asian TV show called The Harpreet Singh Show where she has interviewed a wide assortment of guests.

She is also seen frequently putting on live Indian cultural events as well as being their emcee.

Currently she is a Marketing Strategist for her company called Thakorine Consulting.Junita Thaorlal with Thakorine Consulting

She is an expert marketer and has helped people market their businesses in and around Vancouver plus many other places of the world.

I personally have known Junita for over 3 years.  Since we met we became instant friends.  And we have developed our friendship to also including becoming each other’s Accountability Partners.  One thing I feel everyone in business needs is an accountability partner.

Junita is also an expert on the world of social media.  She has been promoting events for years now and has attracted over 10,000 people to attend local events.

Junita has also taken on the role of being an editor of a new local magazine.

To say this woman really knows her stuff is a severe understatement.

Contact Junita

You can find out more about marketing and to see if Junita can assist you with your marketing needs by visiting her website at

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