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Sharing stage w/ James MacNeil

Trainer - Speaker - Mentor - Author 

Kevin A. Dunlap is a natural in front of the room.  His history started off as a math tutor in college and where he led study courses for classmates at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  At the same time, he led recitation classes of room sizes ranging from 10 - 35 students.

Later he became a college math teacher for three years.

Kevin has also been on Voice America and a number of other radio and online TV shows.

He has spoken on real estate to local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) groups, entrepreneur groups and a number of other stages.  He has also created new training programs on various subjects which can be found for sale in the Online Programs section.

Kevin has been professionally trained as a keynote speaker and has already delivered a number of topics to audiences of various sizes.

His charm and wit keep people engaged and his unique perspective on things helps other people learn and enjoy the topics that are being reviewed.

Kevin has shared the stage with people like James MacNeil (the Guru Builder), Svetlana Singletary (founder of The Light Freedom), and Patrick Snow (author and author coach).  He has delivered speeches of various lengths from the shortest being 5 minutes to ones lasting over 90 minutes.  He can prepare a customized speech for your audience.

Currently, he resides in Las Vegas, NV yet he does have the ability to travel to other locations.

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Here are a few topics that Kevin has taught.


Public Speaking Is the Quickest and Most Effective Way to Communicate

Speaking is a passion of mine. I get to see immediate results in people’s eyes and faces. And by sharing a few words and knowing it is making a difference in a person’s life is one of the most rewarding experiences I can imagine.

Seeing them a second time at some future point in time and they tell me that I made a difference to them will always put a smile on my face and an extra piece of warmth in my heart and soul.

Kevin A. Dunlap