Exercises for Launch!

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” 

~ Stephen King

Launch!: The A to Z in Creating a Successful Business

My newest book Launch! is designed to help any person who is reading it to start a business with as many tools as possible to become successful.  

In the book I cover the 7-D Method that any small business owner should follow in order to give yourself the best chances of creating a successful business. 

In the book there are 41 different exercises to get all of your ideas down on paper so that you can put them together to start and create a business.  They are designed to make you think and plan your business.

In many cases, once you are done with this book you will be able to either build or reverse engineer what you need so that your chances of success become a lot higher.  

You may want to sell a product, a service or both. Launch! is designed with your needs in mind. 

Chapter Exercises


Mind map for the introduction.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the 7-D Method


Section 1: Decide

Mind map for section 1.

Section 2: Discover

Mind maps for section 2.

Chapter 3: Where Are You Now

Chapter 4: Getting Started

Chapter 5: The Team

Chapter 6: Goals and Perceptions

Chapter 7: Who is Your Audience

Section 3: Design

Mind Maps for section 3.

Chapter 8: The First Steps

Chapter 9: Banking and Accounting

Chapter 10: The 3 Statements

Chapter 11: Business Plans

Chapter 12: Your Image

Chapter 13: Mind Maps

Chapter 14: Products and Service

Chapter 15: Networking

Section 4: Develop

Mind maps for section 4.

Chapter 16: Website

Chapter 17: Money and Your Business

Chapter 18: Marketing

Chapter 19: Email Lists

Section 5: Do

Mind maps for section 5.

Chapter 20: Calendars and Online Meetings

Chapter 21: Employees and Virtual Assistants

Chapter 22: Grand Opening


Chapter 23: Getting to Know You

Chapter 24: Customer Relationship Management


Chapter 25: Being the Most Productive

Section 6: Delivery

Mind map for section 6.

Chapter 26: Out for Delivery


Chapter 27: Bonuses and Coupons

Section 7: Duplicate

Mind map for section 7.

Chapter 28: Duplicating Yourself

Kevin A. Dunlap is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author and keynote speaker. He is a business and personal life specialist.

He has an interview show called Life’s Little Lessons where he has interviewed other entrepreneurs from all over the world.  Each of them come from a different walk of life who each has a message to share.

Kevin has written other books over the past few years. 

  • Lease Options Made Easy: Buying a Home with Little, No or Bad Credit
  • Designing Your Own Destiny: Embracing Change through Leadership and Love
  • The Winner’s Code: Secrets of the Winner’s Mindset

His three books can be found on Amazon.

My Dream

My ultimate dream is to see people succeed in their entrepreneurial careers.  As a small business owner you may be overwhelmed with the day to day operations of your business.  

I feel everyone has a dream.  It can be as an entrepreneur, a person at a job, or in their interpersonal relationships at home.  When we learn to love ourselves and to find a support system who is there to help you succeed then we can achieve whatever you want in life.