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Marlo Anderson – National Day Calendar – The Guru of Geek

Meet Marlo Anderson

Today I have an amazing guest on our show.  His name is Marlo Anderson.  He is also known at The Guru of Geek and is the founder  and creator of National Day Calendar.

About Marlo Anderson ...

Marlo has his own talk radio show called The Tech Ranch which he has been broadcasting for 6 years.

Five years ago he started doing something that was unrelated to what he was doing.  One day he started posting, for free and at no means of creating additional income, the national holiday for each day of the year.  This all started with National Popcorn Day due to the fact that he is a big fan of popcorn.  He would spend hours researching and verifying he national holiday for each day of the week.  Usually only one or two days in advance.

This went on for over two years.  Yet with only his determination and vigilance this grew into an international recognized brand.  And thus began National Day Calendar.  Over the years this became a huge sensation tracking hundreds of thousands of viewers every day.


Now, just a few years later he actually is launching an actual calendar showing every day of the year which national holiday is celebrated with that day.

He is also in the process of launching two other startups.


Other things Marlo Anderson is involved with...

One deals with Augmented Reality.  This is a new technology that could make your history tour experiences to an entirely new level.  Imagine holding up your phone at a historic location and you can hear and see a person tell you about the location you are at.


Contact Marlo

You can find him on Twitter @GuruofGeek or on Facebook

Listen to today’s show to learn about this amazing feat and so much more…


About the Host...

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