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Maxine Haber – STARcise – Youth Fitness Instructor

Meet Maxine Haber

I am excited to be bringing to you an incredible woman that started a business almost by accident.  Her name is Maxine Haber.  She owns and operates a youth fitness company, STARcise, which is a fitness company that mainly targets 2 – 5 year old children.

What she does...

She is also know to work children’s parties.  At times the friends of the children also know Coach Maxine and are excited to see her.

She is known as Coach Maxine and normally works through pre-school programs.

The word Starcise is partially an acronym and partially a derivation of “exercise”.  The STAR part is an acronym meaning…

Maxine Haber is creator of STARcise

S – Smart

T – Talent

A – Athletic

R – Respected.

Originally she was a broadcast journalism major working in the field of communications.  After her husband was diagnosed with diabetes and knowing it ran for generations in his family and the fact they had a 2 year old daughter got Maxine to start doing research on the topic.

She then decided to leave corporate America, get her certification in youth fitness and she began to work for a company that specialized in this.

After some time working for them she decided she wanted to do things differently in that field and thus she started her own company.

Over time she created her own curriculum.  This led to creating her own music which led to take home CDs.  And this eventually led to her own DVDs for parents and kids to work out at home together.

A truly amazing person that went from starting to work for someone else to having her own product line.  You will be amazed by this woman’s story.

Book: Imperfect 10

Since her interview Maxine Haber has launched a book called Imperfect 10.  These are stories of her life living with noticeable issues with her left hand and left foot and how she did not allow those issues to stop her.

Maxine Haber book: Imperfect 10


This is a great read.

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