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Melanie Gerath – Melanie Gerath Health Coaching – Health Coach

Meet Melaine Gerath

Today we have a very passionate woman on health across America.  I am pleased to have this woman on our show.  Her name is Melanie Gerath.  She is a Health Coach for her company Melanie Gerath Health Coaching.

About Melanie

One of the things she believes strongly in is that small changes in your lifestyle can have huge changes in your life.  As she says “small hinges swing big doors”.

This woman was a true pleasure to speak with today.  Hear her message on life coaching, health coaching and even business coaching.

Some suggestions she has is when you are starting out to take on some friends or relatives as your first clients. And ask them for a testimonial for a tradeoff of your services.

Listen in to today’s broadcast for many other secret tidbits of information for getting started, especially as a coach or other type of service business.

Contact Melanie

You can contact Melanie at her website


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