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Murielle Fellous – Date Like a French Woman – Relationship and Self Love Coach

Meet Murielle Fellous

Today we have a special guest who was born and raised in two other countries until she moved to Las Vegas a few years ago.  Her name is Murielle Fellous.  She is a Relationship and Self Love Coach.

About Murielle Fellous

She is a coach of mainly women and helping them to achieve their own inner power.

Her company is called Date Like A French Woman.

Date Like a French Woman w/ Murielle Felloous

Her experiences that she lived herself by constantly picking the wrong kind of guy to date has given her insight to help other women realize the patterns they may be exhibiting and then to consciously change those patterns.

Murielle Fellous from the podcast Date Like a French Woman is a relationship and self love coach for women. She just recently interviewed Kevin A Dunlap.

Murielle also has a podcast where she interviews mainly women and sometimes men.  I was lucky to be on one of her shows.

She has been doing coaching since 2011.  But she’s been advising for many years before that.

Murelle has lived in France, Israel, and the US for the past 18 years.

She also has some free giveaways to our listeners just visit her website for more information.

First is a club and also a monthly video call so you can gain her great knowledge without a financial investment.  Topics often include those things that she is seeing where women are struggling the most.

The next freebie is 10 Signs That He Is Not the One.  This is to avoid the mistakes of going after the wrong man.

Contact Murielle Fellous

You can find her online at

About the Host

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