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Natalia Yungerlevi – NY Business Services – Employee Retention Expert

About Natalia

I am excited to be introducing an amazing woman to our show.  Her name is Natalia Yungerlevi and she is an Employee Retention Professional and has been actively doing this for 3 years.

What She Does...

She owns a company called NY Business Services of which she is the owner and founder. 

Since becoming an Employee Retention Professional she has helped many organizations increase employee retention and provide a happier work environment.

What she does is provide business owners programs that help not only keep their employees happy but can also save the owners money on maintaining benefits for their employees.  What this does is help the bottom line for the business while also improving benefits to their employees.  Thus, this provides a happier workplace while saving the company money.

She has what she calls The 5 Keys to Retention System.

In her Spare time...

Natalia also has a huge heart and does things for foster youths.  She does this as she is also a foster child.  Originally from Russia she grew up in a hard living situation with an absentee father and an abusive mother.

Money that she raises through her services she provides goes out to other foster children as her give back to society.

This is definitely a show you want to catch.

Contact Natalia Yungerlevi

And you can reach out to her directly via her website at  And even go to

About the Host

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