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Persistence Can Pay Off


We have all been told to always be persistent and you can accomplish anything that you may desire in your life.  I believe this is true.  However, there is a catch.

Many times it can be said it is easier said than done.  Things like “Life” gets in the way.  The kids get sick or the dog needs an operation.  How are we supposed to get anything accomplished when we have so many other things which get in the way?

My First Realization about Persistence

When I was in college I one day decided that I wanted to be a stuntman.  I knew nothing about the industry and I knew nobody who worked in any area of the film industry.  And, I was also in a town that did not have any films being filmed.

I totally believe the Zig Ziglar quote, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”  Nothing is ever put into your mind that you cannot achieve.  There is always a way to achieve any desire.

The true testament is to ask yourself “How committed are you to accomplish that dream?”   Any and all obstacles that you encounter are merely a test to see how committed you are to that goal.

The very first thing I did was buy a book called Stuntman: A Freelancer’s Guide To Learning The Craft And Landing The Jobs.  I read it and I began to train.  This was the early 1990’s and the internet was still in its infancy.  I started to train with different areas I thought I would need.   Within a few short years, I did my first stage production.  This led to some independent films.  Eventually, I was not only the stuntman on a set then I became the stunt coordinator.

Achieving What You Want

No matter what your dream is there will always be a way.  If you have a big dream then you too can achieve it.

You start by thinking about the end first.  Where is it that you want to be?  Then start to look backward to the steps and accomplishments you need to have to get to that dream.  This is a process known as reverse engineering.

This process is how a lot of advancements are made.  Especially when you see someone else develop a new product.  The competition will look at that product and then break it down into smaller steps.  Then they look at ways to improve upon the product.  Almost all advancement is made this way.

What You Can Do Next

Back in my college days, I was intent on doing stuntwork on film.  This did not happen overnight.  It took a few years of being persistent.  I took whatever roles I could find to build my acting and stunt resume.  This opened many personal doors.

I listened to whoever would give me advice as to what to do next.  I bought books and studied.  Eventually, I began to get the breaks that I needed.

Being persistent took me a long way.  The desire will keep you focused to accomplish that goal.

If you truly want a new thing in your life then go after it as if nothing else matters.

When you look back at those big accomplishments you are now creating that legacy I am sure you most sincerely want.

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Kevin A Dunlap has been self-employed since 1999. He is an author, and professional speaker. He specializes with creating innovating techniques to motivate and inspire people to achieve more in what they want in their careers and jobs.

Kevin Dunlap

Kevin A Dunlap is a business and life coach specializing in helping people discover their desires and to help them build a game plan in taking the next steps in their life. He is the author of the books Designing Your Own Destiny and The Winner's Code: Secrets of the Winner's Mindset.

Kevin is also the producer of the podcast Life's Little Lessons where he interviews entrepreneurs from all over the world.

He is a professional speaker and trainer. He has been known to talk at multiple entrepreneurial functions.

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