10 Critical Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make


Avoid the 10 biggest mistakes that self-published authors make.



The Tragedy

There are many authors who think they can “wing it” when writing a book and wanting to publish it.  You can avoid some serious issues with your book when you learn about these 10 Critical Mistakes.

I know I did when I wrote my first book.  I sought very little help from outside sources and boy did I mess a few things up.  I used outside help sparingly feeling I could do it all on my own.

The Solution

In this eBook, 10 Critical Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make: And You Can Avoid Them, I go over common mistakes that people, and some I did myself, make in writing a book that is going to go to print.

Some of these errors can be as obvious as a misspelled word on the cover and you may not even be aware that you are doing it incorrectly.  My having some of these errors can easily cause people to completely look at your work as non-professional and have no value.

Don’t fall into that place.

Invest in your manuscript BEFORE you send it out to print.


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