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About you…

Are you wanting help with starting or growing your business?

Have you been looking for someone to help keep you accountable with what you say that you want in your life?  Yet you don’t know anyone who can truly do this for you with your best interests in mind.

Have you thought about starting a business but you haven’t taken those steps yet?

Then business coaching may be an option for you.


About me…

My name is Kevin A Dunlap.  I am a business coach and entrepreneur strategist.

I am committed to helping people build a viable business around their passions.  My passion is to help women and men to discover their true passion in life, then help them with the initial complexities of starting a business that can become successful.


About coaching…

This Strategy Session is to discuss many things in a short time frame.

We will discuss…

  1. Your Point A: Where are you today.  We will take a quick and close look where you are now.  This is not an in depth audit of your bank statements.  This is a quick synopsis of where you are now.  This does include finances, family/friend support, job status, happiness level, etc.
  2.  Your Point Z: Where is it that you want to go?  Where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 years?  Points B – Y will be covered if we both agree this is a good match.
  3. Passion Introduction: We will briefly cover your passions in life.  This can be anything and everything.
  4. What to Expect in Future Coaching Session: We will go over my different structures.  Do you prefer 1-on-1 private coaching.  Possibly future group coaching sessions.

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