Ronda Taylor is the founder and an award winning book designer and publisher for HeartWork Publishing

Ronda Taylor is the founder of two companies. The first she has been running for over 20 years. It is called HeartWork Publishing. She is a book designer and publisher. She has had some big named books come across her desk like Chicken Soup for the Soul which she designed that book’s cover.

In 2017 as she was going through a change in her life she decided to sell her home and just about everything she owned. And she bought a one-way ticket to South America to interview women entrepreneurs for her own book that she is writing.

Without speaking any Spanish she ended up spending 9 months and visited multiple countries in her travels. Thus, her second company was formed called HeartWork Travels.

Listen to her story as she is the next guest on Life’s Little Lessons w/ host Kevin A Dunlap.

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