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Sabrina Prioletta – Siva Marketing – Strategy & Branding Identity Director

Meet Sabrina Prioletta

This episode is one of my most anticipated shows.  I met Sabrina Prioletta 3 years ago at a major speaker’s training event.  When I met her I was thoroughly impressed.  When I decided to do this show she was the first name to come to mind as a feature interviewee.  I am delighted to bring to the show an incredible woman all the way from Montreal, Quebec, Canada ...  .

About Sabrina

This woman had experienced several Branding roles across different industries for major corporations.  She decided to strike out on her own and started her own branding company.  She is now an international Marketing and Brand Strategist helping people understand their own brand identity and then creating a brand that is relevant to their company and their company’s mission.

Sabrina is the Founder of Siva Marketing ( which is based out of Montreal.  Her role as Strategy and Brand Identity Director is fundamental in working with her clients individual realities at a core level.

SIVA Marketing is a company whose purpose is to align brands to their authentic self.

This unique methodology she uses is to called Archetype Analysis. 

This allows the co-creation of solutions that help clients attain their goals & position their brand powerfully.  SIVA dares her clients to STAND OUT and BE HEARD for who they really are.

Today she will reveal in today’s show the 12 main Archetypes of branding, with a subsequent 5 sub-Archetypes per category that have subtle, yet distinct differences.

These differences show up in our behaviors, belief systems, traits, values, and aspirations.  It is what make brand personalities & narrative come to life.

As a free giveaway she is also providing a link to help you find out who you, as a person, are so that you can help build the unique brand for your business.  As we will discover, to be totally authentic, your business brand needs to fit your personal brand.

Organizations, brands & individuals that use Archetypes as their foundation are believed to connect faster and more deeply with consumers because the message communicated is clear and taps into their public’s ambitions and aspirations.

Listen to today’s show to find out more what this incredible woman has to offer.

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