You are currently viewing Sophia Falke – Embracing Greatness – Coach and Motivational Speaker

Sophia Falke – Embracing Greatness – Coach and Motivational Speaker

Meet Sophia Falke

Today’s guest is a new friend of mine that I met at a mastermind event as well on several other occasions at public speaking events.  Her name is Sophia Falke.  She owns and operates a company called Embracing Greatness International.  And she is a Life Mastery and Business Consultant.

About Sophia Falke

Sophia has been a venture capitalist, a Unity minister, a business consultant, a motivational speaker, and a coach.  She is a woman that wears many hats and has a passion to help other people.



sophia Falke photo - Sophia Falke, author of Embracing Greatness, is our newest guest on Life's Little Lessons.

 She has just released her book Embracing Greatness on Amazon and Kindle and soon to also be launched on Barnes & Noble.

In this episode she offers many tidbits of inspiration and advice for people who are just starting out.  Plus, her support of women and her desire to help them achieve more is absolutely incredible.

Listen to today’s show to get some very unique advice and information to get you on the correct road to success.

Her inspirational stories of how even the smallest of gestures having an impact on other people’s lives is truly impactful.

Contact Sophia

You can contact her by visiting her online at

About the Host

Kevin A Dunlap is an entrepreneur and business coach and is the author of Designing Your Own Destiny.

Designing Your Own Destiny: Embracing Change through Leadership and Love by Kevin A Dunlap

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