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Ep06 – The 3 Lists

Once upon a time I had the fortunate opportunity to have a talk with the late Paul Skok.  One of he things he shared with me (and a few others in our little circle of people) was this concept of the 3 Lists.

This 3 List was in reference to finding that perfect person to date or marry.  This was the lists that you can create BEFORE getting involved with someone.

Since then I have discovered the 3 Lists can be also used in business.  Who do you choose to be partners with.  It becomes a lot easier when you use the concepts of the 3 Lists.  This can also be true for hiring an employee.  It goes much further than their qualifications.  It goes into are they a good fit for your company.  Zappos has used techniques like this when they were still in the building phase of their company.

I hope you enjoy this podcasts titled “The 3 Lists”.

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Kevin A Dunlap has been self-employed since 1999. He is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur coach helping women and men make the transition from job to entrepreneur. He also helps them scale their businesses to the next level.

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