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Ep06 – The 3 Lists

Once upon a time I had the fortunate opportunity to have a talk with the late Paul Skok.  One of he things he shared with me (and a few others in our little circle of people) was this concept of the 3 Lists.

This 3 List was in reference to finding that perfect person to date or marry.  This was the lists that you can create BEFORE getting involved with someone.

Since then I have discovered the 3 Lists can be also used in business.  Who do you choose to be partners with.  It becomes a lot easier when you use the concepts of the 3 Lists.  This can also be true for hiring an employee.  It goes much further than their qualifications.  It goes into are they a good fit for your company.  Zappos has used techniques like this when they were still in the building phase of their company.

I hope you enjoy this podcasts titled “The 3 Lists”.

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