Goal Setting – Blog 3 of 6 – The 4 Bodies

What are the 4 Natures

There are essentially 4 Natures of self or of being a human. In this blog, we are going to cover all 4 of these from two completely different perspectives. One will be from a perspective that was first introduced to me while taking a personal growth class. The second is a complete revamp of these same 4 natures by looking at this from the perspective of NLP. In the second perspective, we will cover both concepts of Lessons of Mastery and Lessons of Life.

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Let us start off by discussing what the four natures of a human are. These are represented by drawing a square.

Each nature is represented on one side of this square.

The 4 Natures

The four natures are and in no particular order…

1)     Spiritual

2)     Physical

3)     Mental

4)     Emotional

Let’s discuss each one in more detail.

Spiritual does not necessarily mean religious. Religion can be spiritual but not the other way around. In math, we would call religion is a subset (or part of) spirituality.

By spiritual, I also include your being-ness or self-actualization. It can also mean how you are when it comes to giving or helping others. Or even helping of yourself. Spiritual is a way of being.

The second one is physical. This is your overall health. This deals with your physical body and the tangible world.

The third one is mental. This is your mindset. How you think. This is also where financial wherewithal lives. Thus your wealth will reside here.

Lastly, there is emotional. This is your emotional state of mind. This is where the love of self and others also reside.


If I were to assume we all need to have balance to live a truly happy life then the idea would be to rate ourselves on a scale of 1 to 10 as to where you lie on each side of this square. Thus, if you were very spiritual but don’t take care of your finances and you have poor health then your square is no longer a square it would just be a jumbled mess.

Let’s look at this from an example. Let’s say if you were to rate yourself the following

Spiritual – 8

Physical – 3

Mental – 3

Emotional – 5

As you can see this is completely out of balance. The lines would not touch or it would be a very odd shaped four-sided figure.

Thus, you may feel a lot of stress or other negative aspects in your life due to being so out of balance. It would be similar to driving on 3 flat tires.


To obtain balance you would need to work on the other three natures. This is where you would be setting SMART-Y goals (as talked about in a previous blog) to raise those other ones to a higher level. They may not all be 8’s, but at least you could try to bring them to a level of 5 or 6. This way you can work on achieving that balance in life.

Then setting those SMART-Y goals on Mental and on Physical would become a priority.

The 4 Bodies

This now brings us to another concept that was introduced to me when I was in training to get my NLP Practitioner Certification. They called this “The 4 Bodies”. In this, we will rearrange the four natures into a different structure.

They will look something like this. And unlike the previous example, the order does matter here.

— Spiritual

— Mental

— Emotional

— Physical

In this, we will build two additional concepts.

The first one will be shared in the podcast Lessons of Life.  In this lesson, we start at the bottom of the stack and work our ways toward the top.

Thus, a Lesson in Life is when something develops in our Physical world. Something tangible happens and we are affected by it. It can be personal. Let’s just take a negative example in order to stress a point. Let’s say you are suddenly fired. Or your spouse cheated on you. Or anything along that nature. Of course, positive can happen like a promotion or winning a lottery but let’s see what happens when something occurs.

After the physical event occurs you will suddenly have an emotional reaction to it. It can be one of joy or one of pain among many other things.

Almost immediately your mindset or the Mental is affected. Lastly, this will have an effect on your being-ness or Spirituality.

This is why it is called a Lesson of Life. Something in your life occurs and it affects you going toward the top.

Lesson of Mastery

The second concept is known as the Lesson of Mastery. In this case, you are starting at the top of a stack and working downwards. In this case, you start with a conscious change on your being-ness. This will, in turn, affect your mindset thereby causing an emotional change and lastly, this will become part of your physical world. I believe that this is how manifestation occurs.

In manifestation, you are creating something in your physical world by just changing the way you are being in that situation. Have you ever decided in an argument to suddenly not argue any longer and just accept that situation or person for who they are without any judgment? Can you see how this one spiritual shift will instantly cause a mindset change which will disengage any emotion you have on the situation and now finally you are a peace (physical).

The Lesson of Mastery can be seen anywhere. Just look at a situation from a different perspective. Allow it to flow through you and then see how that results in a better outcome.

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