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Tracey Samlow – Tracey Samlow Coaching – Inspirational Coach

Meet Tracey Samlow

Tracey Samlow is a true inspiration and I am glad she is one of our first guests on our show.

About Tracey...

At the time of this recording we have only known each other for 5 days.  And it was incredible getting to know this amazing woman.  She is the true picture of a woman juggling being a single mom, an entrepreneur, and she has a multitude of many other things going on in her life.

To start, Tracey has owned and co-owned multiple businesses.  When living in Chicago with her husband who is also a chef, she helped manage a restaurant and a catering business.  They had in the neighborhood of 80 – 100 employees.  They had even grossed over $2.2 million in one year alone.  Due to some unfortunate things going on with the local community which caused the business to fold.  Hear her incredible tale on today’s show.

Also, after moving to Las Vegas, NV she began a speaking and coaching business.  Her specialty is as an inspirational coach and motivational speaker.  She is also about to launch three (3) additional businesses.

She is an Amazon bestselling co-author of the book The Energy of Expansion which is available on paperback on Amazon and the electronic version on Kindle.

After going through the ups and downs of a business she is a true inspiration to hear how she has persevered through building multiple businesses and then losing them to circumstances beyond her control.

When you become an entrepreneur sometimes you can be dealt with some incredible hardships and other factors.  Listen to how this one amazing woman has gone from nothing to rich and she is now building another legacy.

Contact Tracey

She is also available for coaching by going to her website at:  On there you can also sign up for her free T.I.P.S. (Tracey’s Inspirational Products & Services) Newsletter.    Contact her today to find out more on how she may be able to take you to the next level.


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