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Developing New Solutions

The purpose for Plentiful Perspectives is to enlighten people to new concepts and ideas and to help them move past current difficulties they are facing in their personal and professional lives. By having new tools and techniques allows anyone to be able to view any situation from a new angle and thereby discover new opportunities they may not have previous thought possible.

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“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

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Having worn many different shoes and different hats has allowed me to adopt a philosophy to see events from multiple angles (i.e., from plentiful perspectives).  

Experiences have derived from living and visiting 13 countries in my youth to working on film sets as a stunt performer and stunt coordinator.  Taking many different live courses in the personal development arena and being the author of three books has allowed me to grow beyond any means.

Coaching women and men across multiple countries to achieve success in both their personal lives and professional lives gives me the passion to achieve people to stretch beyond their normal means to acquire what they most passionately desire. 

My personal desire is for you to discover your true passions and then to create a road map in acquiring those passions.  

Don’t let life continue on until one day you discover where all of time went.

“There’ll be two dates on your tombstone and all your friends will read ’em, but all that’s gonna matter is that little dash between ’em. ” ~ Kevin Welch

A Different Approach

We take on every client from a new approach.  We listen to where you at today and where you desire to be in the future.  

The hard truth.  Sometimes the thing that you want may not always be in alignment as to where you actually are today and the necessary steps for you to get there.  Sometimes there are obstacles and other roadblocks that need to be overcome.

Watch ... Listen ... Read

Learn, Listen, or Read at your leisure from your home, in the car, or while away from your desk.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“’Kevin takes his [clients] on the journey of the possibility of a great life that every person can have if he chooses to think and feel differently about past experiences. … [He] makes the process fun and exciting.“

Svetlana Singletary

The Light Freedom

“Kevin Dunlap has created a simple process, with great examples and analogies, to powerfully change my life. I can use – and I have – the learnings immediately to make positive changes. It is great that I can apply them in my personal and professional life.”

Jenn Lucas

Entrepreneur and Mom

“Kevin has a way of showing you how to make incredible changes in your life.”

Patrick Snow

Professional Keynote Speaker

“Kevin’s real life examples give meaning and depth to the concepts he presents. His thought provoking insightful questions provide opportunity for deep introspection and growth. Recognizing limiting beliefs, rethinking obstacles and revealing true desire, all light up the shortest pathway to achieving goals and chasing after big dreams.”

Lisa Locaynia

Government Contractor

“Kevin takes his [clients] on a path to self-discovery enabling them to find their true destiny. His exercises are fun, easy to follow, and thought provoking. His humor lightens the weight and the way. Everyone who has ever felt challenged…personally, professionally, or both…will benefit greatly by taking this journey.”

Diane Forster

I Have Today

“I like Kevin’s approach to the growing industry of entrepreneurship, leadership, and how Kevin put his own spin on how we can grow (personally and professionally).  He explains the differences between the mindset of an individual who is involved in the corporate world is not the same as being a true entrepreneur on your own.”

39 - Noa Schecter

Noa Schecter

Certified Personal Life Coach

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